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Support of legacy keywords

Although some keywords have either been discontinued or their usages completely changed there still remains a huge amount of support of legacy keywords; this is useful for converting legacy projects to the current language specifications. Many will say that the VB.Net conversion wizard has many pitfalls; this is true, however, it does provide a starting point in the conversion process that many other languages do not provide.

Project wizards

When creating a new project, or just adding a new form or button, the environment will automatically generate the default coding to have the objects appear; in some cases there are wizards that can provide default coding to have some functionality within the application. This translates to a working application can be designed and coded in a fraction of time than some other languages.

Handling Pointers indirectly

This provides less opportunity of instability in the produced application; alias produced applications are more secure and stable.

Easy to use Rapid Application Design (RAD) interface

Within a matter of minutes a complete Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be produced; thus requiring less programming time and less design time.